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cxf:info — Returns information about a file or directory.


<p:declare-step type="cxf:info">
     <p:output port="result" sequence="true"/>
     <p:option name="href" required="true"/>                       <!-- anyURI -->
     <p:option name="fail-on-error" select="'true'"/>              <!-- boolean -->


The info step returns information about the file or directory named in href.

The step returns a c:directory for directories, a c:file for ordinary files, or a c:other for other kinds of filesystem objects. Implementations may also return more specific types, for example c:device, so anything other than c:directory or c:file must be interpreted as “other”. If the document doesn't exist, an empty sequence is returned.

The document element of the result, if there is one, will have the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
readable xs:boolean true” if the object is readable.
writable xs:boolean true” if the object file is writable.
hidden xs:boolean true” if the object is hidden.
last-modified xs:dateTime The last modification time of the object expressed in UTC.
size xs:integer The size of the object in bytes.

If the value of a particular attribute is unknown or inapplicable for the particular kind of object, or in the case of boolean attributes, if it's false, then the attribute is not present. Additional implementation-defined attributes may be present, but they must be in a namespace.

If the href attribute specified is not a file: URI, then the result is implementation-defined.

If an error occurs, the step fails if fail-on-error is true; otherwise, the step returns a c:error element which may contain additional, implementation-defined information about the nature of the error.


Error Description
err:FU01 Occurs if the file named in href cannot be read.